Her name is VADER. This project started with the commission to build a true caferacer bike, for us it meant our first caferacer. The donor bike was a Honda CX 500 Deluxe, which was in a good mechanical shape, but had a rough chopper modification.
The idea was to give her an aggressive look keeping a clean end look, because we want the bike to look like it was leaving the factory in the 60's. With that shape in mind, our main goal was to interpret the traditional English caferacer and make one out of a Japanese bike. To accomplish that, we started by tuning up the stance of the bike, making new triple clamps out of aerospace aluminum grade, and making a new sub frame with new mounting points for the shocks.  Going back to the aggressive look we hammered the sides of the tank a little, making the side line more visible and we put the Pasquale touch with the hand miledaluminium  gas cap, on the rear of the bike we shaped out of aluminum a classic cafe racer tale that contains all the custom made electrical harness and the anti gravity battery.
For the front of the bike we decided to put a big headlight that made a perfect fit with the bike proportions, because we wanted to achieve the golden ratio or the divine proportion in general with this built.  We made custom stainless steel headlight clamps. If you look at the side of the bike you can see the golden ratio between the tail with the tank and the light with the tank, for the foot rest, we lathe those from a solid piece of 7075 aluminum. Once this was done and we had the stance in the correct position, we built a custom exhaust system, two in to one that also helped us gain a little bit of torque. For the silencer we built a stainless steel free flow, which we shaped with the fighter ship from stars wars in mind. All of these stainless steal was welded together with the back purge method. However we created a bigger slip to gain balance in the lower part of the bike, because the original design had left a big hole there. Finally we gave our father the task to design and construct the rear seats, knowing his mechanical engineer formation, for which he created this movement system. 

Vader  Homda cx 500