This amazing 2011 triumph Daytona, the bike was very nice and had an incredible racing story behind it. It was the winner of the 2012 national championship ridden by Santiago Lopez, but the most amazing thing was the heritage behind the preparation this bike had, the engine was made by Steve Randal from the team Oxford Tag Triumph in UK, and it had titanium valves, connecting roads and many other racing parts, like the racing ohlins suspension, the modified cylinder head to increase the compression, as well as the pistons that were milled to change the squish.

The fabrication began with a great idea our father had: mill a massive box for the original gauge of the bike, that idea actually ties back to the last April’s Hand Built Motorcycle Show, when our father saw the confederate p51fighter for the first time. This part took us a lot of time, It was made in more than 20 operations. Once this part was done, we realized  that a normal headlight would not fit, so we built the head light starting from the gauge and following the intake form, that was part of the main frame.   With the stance and the front of the bike finalized, we create a belly pan from a sheet in 20 gauge aluminum. The idea was to surround the engine, always keeping in mind the aggressive and square lines of the front and the rear. To give it the final touch, we drilled some holes, that helped make the part lighter.