1. Title 11
    Title 11
“Mamba” a Suzuki DR650. This is a very special project for us because our father started to get more involved with the business. For this reason and because we really want to leverage our family bond and tradition, we decide to change GARAJE57 to PASQUALE MOTORS.  
We began by building a complete new tank in aluminum with our interpretation of the Honda CB 750 k0 tank, that gave us the correct balance between the tank and the frame. We made a big tank, so we had to shape inserts for the forks, to finish the tank we put our label with a lathe 7075 aluminum cap.
 One of the bikes that inspired us for this build, was the Triumph Trophy TR6C, keeping this in mind, as we know, one of the most iconic parts of the Triumph TRC6 is the exhaust system, we cre
Finally, all of our work was photographed by our best friend and camera artist Mauricio Botero that always captures the special essence of our creations.