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BMW R90/6  R 9 0 / 6 1976

EL DORADO Golden lost land

   This motorbike's name refers to the “El Dorado”, the lost land of Colombia. The line stays classic so one would believe it comes directly from the 70's. The main focus is on the tank,
painted with specific colors emphasizing its shape.

The BMW R90/6 originally comes from the caferacer thus modifications were made so the driver's knees would have more room. Moreover, the chassis was separated to fit our minimalistic line and to create more fluidity. It's main part is made out of tubes that have exactly the same radius as the wheels so when one sees the side of the motorbike, the lines don't cross each others, emphasizing once more the motor and the tank. 
Rear-seats were build in 7075 aluminum since this motorbike has been created for two travelers. Finally, even though the motorbike clearly has all the properties of a cafe racer, a board-seat was created instead of a “cupulin” as a classic cafe racer would have so the tank is the main focus no matter from which
perspective one sees the motorbike.