Pasquale Motors is a dream builder shop. We build dreams in shape of motorcycles. We don’t just bend metal, we capture the essence and spirit of riders. We believe that a motorcycle shouldn’t just be about getting from A to B. It should be about an exciting adventure that empowers you and shows the world who you are. We share your passion, that’s why we build every bike with the same detail and love you would, making them unique motorized art pieces, that are both beautiful and functional.

WHat we do 


Piece by Piece






Pasquale Motors is a family owned shop where Gustavo, and his two sons, Esteban and Gustavo Andres put their heart, abilities and knowledge together to create a nimble and passionate team. They complement each other and collaborative to build outstanding motorized art pieces. They like to experiment and find how materials, engines and human behave, react and change, creating a unique end result that captures the essence and spirit of the riders
Gustavo Pasquale: Mechanical Engineer, passionate about tools, he’s been building his collection throughout the years and now, he is finally retired and enjoying them with his two sons building motorcycles for their shop. He has worked as a Technical Support Manager for the last 46 years in companies like Caterpillar, John Deer, Terex and Volvo, managing the service and support teams for mining trucks and equipment. Now he is leveraging all his knowledge and experience in the industry to bring innovation and higher performance to Pasquale Motors builds. 

Esteban Pasquale: His never-endless passion for cars and motorcycles drove him to choose his path for life. After studying law and working for two years at Deloitte as a Junior Lawyer, he decided that was not going to make him happy and retired to follow his passion and dreams. That’s when he started the shop with his brother Gustavo Pasquale. Living with his father meant playing with his tools, that’s how he became a fabricator. Most of his knowledge is self-thought or learnings from his father and brother. He has an incredible design vision and some amazing negotiating skills (he didn’t go through five years of law for anything…). Details are everything for him and that gets translated to each part and motorcycle they make. He got married and started a new journey in New York, where they will be expanding Pasquale Motors. Currently he is the Lead Fabricator at Deman Motorsport where he builds racing Porsches.

Gustavo Andres: He is a little bit of everything. Gustavo is a fast learner, he goes faster than what people can teach him, which means he gets bored fast. That’s why he is always learning something new. He studied Electronical and Industrial Engineering, these background, as well as the experience from sharing with his father and brother, have gave him lots of technical skills to create functional and high-performance motorcycles. He takes the shop to a whole new level, pushing forward the technical limits of the shop, since he is always experimenting and looking for new ways of doing things. Gustavo is also a great rider, he constantly does off-road adventure trips, that help him better understand how bikes work, extrapolating that to Pasquale Motors creations.